Respite Care

Home caregivers often work themselves too hard when taking care of their loved one. Their dedication is truly admirable, but they deserve to have time to themselves too! In fact, home caregivers who take extended breaks from caregiving prevent burn-out, take better care of themselves and their family members, and come back from their breaks refreshed and ready to give better care.


Quality Care at Fort Atkinson

You want to know that your loved one is in good hands, so you can have a stress-free respite. At Fort Atkinson Health Care Center, we take good care of your loved one, who will enjoy the same amenities as our long-term residents, such as:

We believe your loved one’s stay at our center should feel like a rejuvenating change of pace, just as it feels for you. In our peaceful setting we offer a truly restful spot. Local community members join us for events, and we have a thriving social life among residents, who play games, work out and enjoy many other activities together.

Our respite care program is designed to help caregivers find a better life balance and focus on all of the things that matter in life. Come and tour our community and experience the benefits of our respite program for yourself.

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