Wound Healing

Wound Care

When you’re older, wounds don’t heal quite the same way they did when you were younger. Surgeries, injuries, and illnesses can leave you with a wound that needs attentive care but doesn’t require time in the hospital.

At Fort Atkinson Health Care Center, we offer care that is specifically focused on monitoring your wound while it heals, and taking care of your daily needs so that you can rest and have the best chance of a complete and fast recovery.


at our award-winning care center. Call us with any questions or schedule a tour to see the benefits for yourself.

Our team treats all types of wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, venous ulcers and surgical wounds.

Each wound type involves different treatment and management to heal properly. In addition to bedside debridement, we offer the latest treatments to help your body through the four stages of healing, which includes hemostasis, inflammation, proliferative and maturation, which is the final stage of healing.

We understand that there are chronic health issues that can impact your body’s ability to heal. That’s why our wound care team works with medical specialists to provide a continuum of care that includes controlling your other health issues, which may include diabetes, pulmonary disease, heart disease, thyroid conditions, or even cancer. And since proper nutrition is key to the wound healing process, our nurses coordinate closely with our dietary team to ensure that you get the nutrients you need.

Our community also offers many other medical amenities that can help with your recovery, including on-site podiatry, dental services, and a radiology department.

Here’s how we help you avoid instances of torn stitches, delays in your recovery, and hospital readmission. We:

We are conveniently located down the block from Fort Memorial Hospital, which
makes it easy for you to transition to our community for your post-operative care.

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